35 DIY Easter Decorations- festive, fun, colorful

April 1, 2021

Easter is almost here and there’s no time like the present to spruce up your house with these fun crafts. You don’t need to spend a lot of money on decorations to add the PERFECT springtime touches to your living space. These DIY’s will brighten up any room and are so amazing that you’ll want to keep them up all year around! They are easy to make and will add the perfect accents of color & cuteness to your home this Easter.

Give your house a springtime look with these fun DIY’s bursting with vibrant floral colors, cute pom pom bunnies and decorative banners. Perfect for any skill crafter these decorations are social media worthy pics- just don’t forget the cute Bunny captions 🙂 !

Bunny banner

gingham bunny banner easter decorations

Glitter Eggs

Easy DIY Glitter Easter Eggs

Easter bunny treat jars

Easter Bunny Mason Jar Candy Favors

Grapevine bunny wreath

Springtime Bunny Grapevine Wreath Decoration

DIY reversible rustic Easter bunny butt sign

DIY Reversible Rustic Easter Bunny Butt Sign

Easter Tree

No source found but this one is pretty self-explanatory

Super Simple DIY Easter Egg Tree

Honeycomb Easter Eggs

multicolored honeycomb easter eggs

DIY Bunny Wreath

Super Cute Easter Bunny Wreath

Glittered Easter Egg Wreath

glitter egg wreath easter decorations

Easter Bunny Candy Holder

Bunny Candy Holder Decoration

DIY Dollar-Store Easter Bunny Mason Jar – $7 craft

Reclaimed Wood Easter Bunny

Reclaimed Wood Easter Bunny Decoration

Easter Decor Carrots

DIY Twine Carrots For Your Easter Table

Easter Centerpiece

Candy and Flowers Easter Centerpiece

Cardboard Bunny

Repurposed Cardboard Easter Bunny Decoration

Carton Hens

Cute Egg Carton Easter Hens

Sock Bunny

diy sock bunny with a ribbon bow

Crochet Eggs

crochet easter eggs

Rainbow Wreath

rainbow egg wreath easter decorations

Bunny Crossing

bunny crossing sign easter decorations

Easter Chick Centerpiece

Colorful Chick Placeholders - 80 Fabulous Easter Decorations You Can Make Yourself

Giant Peeps

Peep Topiaries - 80 Fabulous Easter Decorations You Can Make Yourself

Bunny Napkins

bunny napkins easter decorations

Watermelon Bunny

Watermelon Bunny Basket - 80 Fabulous Easter Decorations You Can Make Yourself

Spring Yarn Wreath

Colorful Yarn Wreath - 80 Fabulous Easter Decorations You Can Make Yourself

Paper Straw Bunny

Paper Straw Bunnies - 80 Fabulous Easter Decorations You Can Make Yourself

Paper Spring Wreath

Easy DIY Paper Easter Wreath

Table Decor

Coffee Table Display - 80 Fabulous Easter Decorations You Can Make Yourself

Modern Eggs

modern painted eggs easter decorations

Pom Pom Bunnies

The Most Adorable DIY Pom Pom Easter Bunny

Wooden Bunnies

Cute 2x4 Wooden Easter Bunny

Easter Wreath

bunny wreath easter decorations

Book Page Eggs

book page easter eggs easter decorations

Carrot Button Craft

Easy DIY Easter Carrot Wall Art

Easter Party

Chevron Party Décor - 80 Fabulous Easter Decorations You Can Make Yourself

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