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Any of the links, unless stated, that I use on my posts are non-commission links. Meaning that if you buy something from that link I will not receive any of the profits. I only add the links for your convenience so it is easy for me to share what product I am mentioning. If I do have a commission link then I will ALWAYS disclose that to you as my readers at the top of the post and next to the link itself.

If I mention any stores, brands, or other sites on my blog it does not mean I am partnering with them or mentioning them on my blog for a profit. Once again I mention these for your benefit so I can easily share a place, product, blog or recipe that I recommend. If I do work with any brands then I will make sure it is mentioned at the top and bottom of each post as well as display an sign where needed.

If any of my posts are sponsored then a notice will be displayed at the top of my blog.

All of the reviews I share on my blog are 100% my own. I highly respect that my readers trust my opinions and will take them into consideration so all my reviews are truthful. I will never share something on my blog unless I know that it is of good quality and will not let any sort of commission influence my judgment.

If you want to work with me or team up on a post then you will have to reach me via the contact tab located at the top of my blog This is the only way to reach me. I do not respond to spam or phony emails. Only contact me if you are truly interested in working together.

If you have any other questions or concerns then reach me using the method mentioned above.

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