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June 2, 2020

I started my running journey last year in December with the goal of running a Marathon by October of 2020. With everything going on in the world right now it looks as though this marathon like my half marathon (which was supposed to be in April) will also be canceled, and truthfully, I am bummed. I was so looking forward to running in these races and pushing myself to see what I was capable of. But, there is a silver lining to every cloud.

Since my marathon will most likely not be happening, this has given me time have fun with running. To run however far I want to, at whatever speed and for however many days in a row. I no longer worry (mostly) about having to run a 15 miler each weekend to check off the box for long run completed.

As I mentioned above, my half marathon was supposed to take place in April but since it was canceled, I decided to still run the 13.1 miles. About 3 weeks ago I suited up, made my own running bib, wore my favorite colors and ran around the mountain. For a complete run recap you can read all about my race here- I ran a half marathon! – running journey month 5.

Since this whole self-isolation/ quarantine started I have noticed so many more people out on the roads running, walking and hiking. Hopefully these healthy habits are something most will continue even after they return to work. So I thought it would be a fun idea to share my must have running items for those who are just starting their running journey or runners who are looking to try out some new products

*If you use the links I share to Orgain protein I earn a small percentage of the sales from your purchase. My coupon code is also affiliated with Orgain so if you use the code RUNNINGWITHT you will save 30% off your first purchase from their site*

(Every link included to a product is an item which I have tried and love)

Lightweight running jacket

Having a lightweight running jacket is an awesome piece of clothing because even in the early summer around May and June some mornings it can be 40-50 degrees. I am someone who likes to be warm during a run then if I am too hot I will take off a layer. Using a lightweight jacket is perfect for those chilly Spring mornings.

Here are my favorite jackets. The one I am currently using is not sold anymore seeing as it was my dads from the 90’s but I did include links to the other running jackets I own.

  • Nike
  • Nike men’s– I bought a smaller size to fit me. Super comfortable, cute, and lightweight.

When winter comes you’re going to want something with more insulation. My favorite jacket is by lululemon. Most of my winter running gear is from them because I really love all of their products especially for the colder months. And by investing in this quality gear although it is more expensive will be worthwhile in the long term. (More of their items are linked below).


Fueling up post-run and sometimes pre-run with a protein shake or workout recovery is a must-have for me. My favorite protein to use is orgain! I have been using their products for over 3 years and just in the past year I became an ambassador for them, so I truly believe in their products and all the amazing organic ingredients in them. As someone who has dietary restrictions they offer such a large selection of products for every need. Gluten-free, vegan, keto, organic and every product is made with quality ingredients. Their new products are sport protein (launched), sport recovery (launched) and sport pre-workout (launching soon).

My favorites are their new lemonade sport plant based recovery and organic meal powder in chocolate fudge brownie!

You can shop their site using my referral link – HERE! and/or use the code RUNNINGWITHT for 30% off your first purchase!

Mid-run fuel

Before I ran a half marathon I never used gels to fuel me mid-run. For starters I tend to not get tired while running and two the idea of eating, even though it is in gel form, mid run was not appetizing to me. But after talking with a friend who is a long distance runner and reading the Runner’s World magazine, I decided it was best to bring a few along with me to see how I performed.

I am someone with many allergies and was hard pressed to find a brand that worked for me. But alas I did! 🙂

My thoughts– Around mile nine of my half marathon a wave of exhaustion came over me and I realized it was time for a gel. I slurped it down and about 2 minutes later I had a surge of energy which carried me through to the end. I had no stomach disturbances with taking it and didn’t even need water to wash it down.

Now I take one with me every time I go out for a 10 mile run because I am obsessed with the flavor of them and the way they make me feel. Here is the brand I use which is found on amazon – Science Sport Isotonic Performance Endurance. Very good affordable brand with loads of other products.

Running vest

Wearing a running vest is very convenient especially on long runs. You can easily carry your phone with you, water, gels, jacket, headphones and other items you may want to bring. These vests are also very handy when hiking or going on a walk.

I found mine on Amazon for a really cheap price and it has held up wonderfully so far! Highly recommend this product – TRI Wonder Hydration vest/backpack.


Carrying water with you on a run especially on hot summer days is a must-have! These hand held water bottles are perfect because they strap right around your hands so you don’t need to grasp onto anything. There is also a small pouch attached where you can stuff your gels, keys, tools, bug spray, or other items. This gear is also very affordable! – Nathan SpeedShot Running Water Bottle + Small Pack.

If you’re not a fan of this hand-held then check out this waist pack that may be more your style. The one I use is not sold on Amazon or stores anymore but I found similar style ones – Running wasit packs with water bottle attachment.


Normally on my shorter runs I don’t bring music because there is no need but when I do my 10 mile loop or longer runs I like to listen to music because it keeps me going and makes me feel less lonely when I am out by myself.

My favorite affordable, comfortable and stylish wireless earphones to use are the LETSCOME bluetooth headphones. They easily connect to your phone, are lightweight and are easy to carry with you.

Running watch/tracker

I normally don’t track my runs, my pace or distance because I workout more for fun and don’t’ really care about these, but occasionally, like when I ran my half-marathon I used a watch to know the time and my distance. My favorite watch to use is the Fitbi Versa which is a lot more affordable than a Garmin, Corosglobal or other fitness watches. But those do offer more options than a Fitbit so if you’re looking for one that tracks pace and multiple sports then those may be more in your range. But for someone like me the Fitbit is perfect!

Looking for a FREE option? There is an app in the apple store called – “Runkeeper” that tracks your pace, distance, map overview of your run and so much more all for FREE! You do need to run with your phone but with a vest or waist pack this app may be a great option for you!

Some other items I think are worth mentioning

(Every link included is a link to a product I have tried and love)

(As of June 1, 2020 some of the items I linked to lululemon are on sale!)

  • Headbands – to keep hair back – lululemon
  • A high quality pair of running socks – EMS
  • Sunglasses – Goodr
  • Pepper spray – Pepper spray
  • Solid pair of running shoes – Brooks running – high quality gear
  • Comfortable running shorts – Nike
  • Comfortable and breathable running tops – Nike
  • Performance Oatmeal pre-run – Picky Organic Performance – my favorite flavor is the “How bout them apples” – other flavors are okay so I only buy the apple flavor in bulk.
  • Gloves for winter running – Lululemon
  • Headband for winter running – Lululemon
  • Leggings for winter running – Aloyoga (Airlift collection is the best for running) & Lululemon running tights
  • Jacket for winter running – Lululemon
  • Running fuel – pre and post – Pickybars

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