How to have an enjoyable Holiday season while staying safe – Blogmas day 2

December 2, 2020

The Holidays are here! And with this being almost the 1 year anniversary of the virus many of us are itching to return to normal living. All we want is to gather with our family and friends, have parties, go out without a mask….. but sadly these have all been put on a hold for the time being. But this doesn’t mean that this Christmas/Holiday season cannot be just as enjoyable as previous ones. Instead of in person gatherings try virtual or socially distanced ones. Instead of Holiday shopping in the malls try online or go during the lull times of the day. Stay clean by washing your hands, clothes, cleaning your house so as to prevent the spread of germs.

However, the virus isn’t the only thing to worry about this season. The Holidays are notoriously known as the stress filled drinking times of the year. So in addition to staying safe by wearing your PPE you also need to remember a few other VERY important tips. So for today’s blogmas post I wanted to compile a list of helpful Holiday hacks as a little refresher to make sure we are all staying safe and healthy this 2020-2021.

Tip #1: Wash hands

After going to the store, opening the door, touching things in public….. anytime your hands touch something possibly dirty make sure to WASH WASH WASH! And don’t touch your face, please!

Tip #2: Don’t drink and drive

This seems like a no brainer but sadly people every year drink and drive resulting in sad outcomes. So please, if you’ve knocked a few back don’t drive. Crash at a friends. Rent a hotel room for the night. Call a taxi, Uber, bus… Sleep in your car if you have to. But don’t drive.

Tip #3: Stay local

Although many of us are itching to have a Christmas/Holiday party put it off this year and instead TRY to only celebrate with the people in your household. And if you want to see others then meet outside or via zoom.

Tip #4: Shop local

This year many small businesses are sadly having to close their doors. So instead of buying all your presents at Amazon or large department stores, shop small instead and help these places keep their doors open.

Tip #5: Manage stress

Stress is a killer. It wrecks havoc on your body and wears you down. So do your best to keep it in check – Sleep in if you need it. Don’t cook a big Holiday dinner and instead order in. Start Christmas shopping ASAP, don’t put it off……

For more tips check out yesterdays blogmas day 1 post – 10 Helpful Holiday hacks for a stress-free season- Blogmas day 1

Tip #6: Lock everything

Cars, doors, house, shed. Make sure to lock them all because this time of year has a notoriously high crime rate and the last thing you want is your home or other belongings to be broken into it.

Tip #7: Leave the lights on

The extra money you spend on changing the burnt out light bulbs will be worth it because your life is more valuable. Leave your lights on, outside and inside (not all of them, just 1 or 2), 24/7. This will help potential robbers be deterred when they see lights on and may safe your life. This way when you arrive home late at night your house and property will be lite up so you’ll be able to see any lurkers.

Tip #8: Change passwords

Hackers everywhere are hacking into peoples personal accounts and stealing your information. It happened to me. So make sure you monitor and change your passwords every few months. And don’t use the same one for ALL of your accounts. If the hackers gets one into one of your accounts then they’ll be able to get into them all.

Tip #9: Monitor your bank account

Monitor your bank account to ensure no fraud is taking place. Today it’s getting easier and easier for hackers to steal your information so make sure to take these 3 extra steps to ensure your’s doesn’t get hacked as well. 1. Before buying from a site make sure it’s legit. Check the top left corner of the URL and if you see a little “lock” symbol then it’s a safe site (this is not 100% because some scammers may have caught onto this but it’s just an extra step that you should know). 2. Every few days check in on your bank account to ensure all the charges are your’s. 3. Don’t give credit card info over the phone, unless you’re buying from a legit store!

Tip #10: Have fun

Don’t become so paranoid with everything that you forget to enjoy the most wonderful time of the year. These tips above are just precautions we should ALL take and they require little to no extra time to do them. You can still shop online without your credit card info being stolen, just make sure every few days to check your bank account to ensure no fraud. Have fun but stay safe!

Be safe everyone! And stay healthy!

Tune in tomorrow at 7 a.m for blogmas day 3! Whoo!

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Thank you so much for reading todays post. Have a great day!

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  • Azilde Elizabeth

    December 2, 2020 at 10:36 am

    Great tips! I like the keeping the lights on idea!

    1. DIY Lifestyle

      December 2, 2020 at 7:35 pm

      Thank you! Happy Holidays! 🙂

      1. Azilde Elizabeth

        December 2, 2020 at 7:42 pm

        Thank you 😊 you as well! ❤️

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