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October 12, 2019

The arrival of Fall weather also brings the cooler air. It’s so easy to get caught up in the beautiful leaves falling and the sprinkling down of colors from the trees; the warm apple cider and crisp apple pies. So, this year for your convenience, I’ve come up with a small list of hacks which will help prepare you for the cold weather coming in. Get ahead this season so when snow beings falling and teeth chattering winds blow around, you won’t be scrambling to finish last minute tasks.

Transition your clothes:

Don’t wait until the snow falls to bring out your knit sweaters. Take them out of storage now so you have them all hung up and ready for when the air changes.

Gear up your car:

Cold weather and cars do not mix. Stock your car up with everything you’ll need for the winter. Also, be sure to keep essentials if your car ever breaks down in the cold. – flat tier fixer, thermal blanket, extra water bottles, get your oil checked & car inspected to make sure everything is running smoothly, winter fragrances to make the car smell Christmasy, snow/ ice sweeper, and frost guard for windshield.

Clean your gutters:

You don’t want your gutters to become heavily clogged with leaves and gunk so clean them before it’s too late and before the weather drops down. It’s no fun sticking your hand in a gutter full of wet leaves when it’s 20 degrees out.

Fall is the time to fertilize:

Lawn experts say that Fall is the best time to fertilize your lawn. By applying fertilizer to your lawn it will help prevent winter damage and spring weeds. Ask a local garden center or check online to find out which type of fertilizer you need and when to apply it. If you have a lawn service, they should do this for you.

Start the heat up now:

Don’t wait until it’s freezing to turn your heat on. You want to test it out early so if there are any problems you can fix them before it becomes a major issue.

Stock up on spices:

Don’t wait until the eve of Thanksgiving to buy all your ingredients because chances are food items will be very low stock or sold out. Instead start buying ingredients which last for months- spices, oils, rubs…… now when it’s time to buy all your main ingredients- ham, turkey, stuffing, potatoes…. you won’t scramble and worry about the store being out of a spice or oil.

Get your snowblower out:

Take your snowblower out now and start it up to ensure that there are no problems. Secondly you’ll want to store it near your house and not up in the shed because when it does snow the last thing you want is to be trudging through 10 feet of snow to get to it. Instead, store it near your front door/ easy access place so you’ll have it when you need it.

Inspect trees:

Inspect the trees surrounding your property especially the ones closest to your house. This way you can tell early on if they won’t make it through the winter and need to be cut down immediately. The last thing you want is a tree to fall through your roof during the winter.

Buy extra gasoline:

Stock up on a few extra cartons of gasoline for emergencies – unexpected power outage and you need gas for the generator, your snowblower runs out, your car is getting low, or maybe you will use it to help a neighbor with their problem.

Inspect the roof:

A leaky roof is a nightmare. So before the snow and cold hits take a trip up top to your roof and do a scan to make sure everything is sealed tight and there are no potential nightmare situations. If you do have a problem then you’ve caught it within enough time to fix it.

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