6 handmade gifts for Mother’s day- pt 2

May 9, 2019

With Mother’s day being this Sunday you may be starting to feel the pressure of having to find a gift for her. Do you want to buy her something? Go the DIY route and make her a present? Cook for her? Take her out for a meal? You’re not sure, and that’s okay because today for my final Mother’s day blog post I am sharing fun, easy to make, and one-of-a-kind gifts for her. You do not need to be an expert crafter or a professional woodcarver to make something nice, it’s all about what comes from your heart. You don’t need to spend $100 + on a gift or buy her an extravagant present, make her something from your heart and she will be sure to cherish it forever. It’s the thought that counts.

Looking for the perfect gift for mom? Well, look no further. Below find the perfect DIY gifts to make that she will love to have and that you will love making.


Mother’s Day Photo Message



  • Ready-made medium-density fiberboard, choose which letters you want
  • Yellow paint, or a different color you desire
  • Modge podge (clear drying), you can buy this at any craft store


  1. Paint ready-made medium-density fiberboard to your desired color.
  2. Once dry select the letter/letters you want to put your pictures on. Then arrange the photos you want to use over the letter. Do not glue just yet.
  3. To make the pictures fit the letter, trim the parts that are hanging over the side so they fit the letter perfectly. (If you are confused refer to the picture above to see how it’s done).
  4. Once you know the placement of where the pictures will lay on the letter/letters and they are trimmed to fit the letter, pick up picture by picture and use a brush to apply modge podge to the back of the photo. Place the picture back down in its spot and repeat with the rest of your photos. 
  5. Once all of your trimmed pictures are glued down, to make sure they are protected apply 1-2 layers of modge podge clear drying over the photos. Since the modge podge dries clear, you will not be able to see any glue streaks. I use a foam sponge brush to apply this over the photos.
  6. Allow to dry for about 24 hours.

Marbled clay jewelry dish

These beautiful dishes can be used for your jewelry or another use. They are such a colorful and unique addition to your home and make the perfect present. Skip buying dishes this year when you can easily create your own.

Gemstone soaps 

These soaps are perfect to pair with your DIY jewelry dish or by themselves. When you are gifting your Mother a present you want to hand her something she will LOVE and this hits the L♥VE right on the mark!

Honestly wtf

Find the tutorial for these beautiful soaps on Honestly wtf

Loom knitted mittens

DIY Lifestyle

For those who reside in the colder climates, gift your mother something this year that is practical. A beautiful scarf, a fuzzy hat, or in this case, cozy mittens.

For this project I purchased myself a loom set and 4 spools of yarn. These are the ones I bought.

Here is the youtube tutorial I followed on how to knit the mittens. The woman in this video does a wonderful job explaining the how to steps.

Colorful flower bouquet with red ribbon

DIY Lifestyle

Quality over quantity. Sometimes the simple way is the way to go. If you are looking to give your mother a heartfelt yet lower priced item for Mother’s day then a simple bouquet paired with a red ribbon is the perfect way to go. You do not need to spend $100 + to show your love, it is about what comes from the heart.

Materials you will need

  • Red ribbon (mine is from Michael’s but you can pick it up pretty much anywhere)
  • A bouquet of flowers. Big or small bouquet, it depends on what you are looking for. Trader Joe’s sells beautiful bouquets of flowers for a very reasonable price.
  • A vase

Assemble your gift: not really sure I need to explain this but…..

  1. Take your flowers out of the plastic wrapping, cut the stems so they fit in your vase.
  2. Tie your red ribbon around the vase and into a bow. Voila! You’re done! 🙂

Photo album with all of your favorite memories together

(For privacy reasons I covered the faces in the photographs)

DIY Lifestyle

A beautiful way to honor your Mother this Sunday is to assemble an album celebrating all of your favorite memories together.

This is another reasonably priced yet heartfelt gift which you cannot go wrong with.


  • Blank photo album (I picked mine up from Michael’s)
  • Photos
  • Stickers, gems, or other nick nacks which you want to use to embellish your photo album with.


  1. This is another self-explanatory DIY gift. But if you are confused: the simple route- place your photos in the book where you want, once they are in you can add colorful paper for a background, stickers, gems, drawings, or other items which you want to add. Really anything goes.

Looking to buy some beautiful handmade gifts? Browse my Etsy store for handmade earrings, fairy huts, bookmarks, and tons more personalized gifts. I will ship everything out to you immediately. I package all of my products with gloves on my hands and a mask on my face to ensure that everything is clean and germ free. SHOP HERE!

If you want more DIY Mother’s day gifts then check out

Thank you so much for reading today’s blog post. If you have any questions feel free to reach me by leaving a comment below or by reaching out to me using the “contact” tab located at the top of my blog. Also, if you have any specific posts you want me to blog about reach me using the same methods mentioned above.

Have a great day and see you tomorrow for another post!

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    Such beautiful, thoughtful and creative ideas❤️

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