Valentine’s Day Gift Guide-Him and Her Gifts

January 16, 2023

Valentine’s day is just around the corner and so you know what time it is!? Time to start looking for simple elegant gifts for that special someone. It can be your life partner, friends, family, boyfriend, girlfriend, or a special person who makes your heart happy. One thing I have learned, is that you don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars on a gift. Sometimes the small little trinkets are what shows you care the most.

To help you, I have done the heavy lifting and compiled a list of my finds which are the PERFECT simple one of a kind gifts for those one of a kind moments.

I hope everyone had a splendid Holiday season and start to 2023! I am very excited for the New Year and all the ADVENTURES and MEMORIES which are yet to be made.

*Items marked with an * are from my Etsy store*

Birthstone Ring

Mothers Ring 1 2 3 4  5 Stone Birthstone Ring for Mom image 1

Resin Flower Letter Keychain*

Flower Resin Letter Keychains Personalized Letter Flower image 1

Birthstone Necklace

14K Gold Birthstone Necklaces Silver Birthstone Pendants image 1

Roman Numeral Hoodies

Custom Embroidered Roman Numeral Hoodie  Couples Gift  image 1

Couples Zodiac Poster*

Couples Zodiac Poster Mini Zodiac Constellation Posters image 1

Love Potion*

Wizard Inspired Love Potion Wizard Potions Love Potions image 1

Love Potion Necklace*

Love Potion Necklace Love Potions Wizard Love Potion Movie image 1

A Year of Dates Gift Set

A Box of Date night cards the perfect Valentines Day gift image 1

Forever & Always Connected Bookmark*

Valentine's day heart bookmark his and hers gifts image 1

Valentine’s Day Scratch-off Card

Scratch-A-Sketch Valentines // retro valentines kids image 1

Wallet Picture Insert

Engraved Picture Wallet Insert  Add Back Engraving Too  image 1

Zodiac Poster Gift Set*

Crystal & Zodiac Poster Gift Set Dead Sea Salt Scrub Dried Set for 1

Handmade Polymer Clay Flower Earrings*

Polymer clay nickel free flower earrings Floral jewelry image 1

Beaded Flower Earrings*

Blue Semi-precious earrings with flower charm dangling image 1

Valentine’s Day Sweater

Womens Valentines Day Sweatshirt Valentine Coffee Sweatshirt image 1

Polymer Clay Heart Earrings*

Nickel free polymer clay heart earrings // Polymer clay image 1

Funny Valentine’s Day Card

funny anniversary card for husband / snoring loud as fuck image 1

Personalized Adventure Book

Adventure Book Scrapbook valentines Scrapbook Gift for him and image 1

Custom Lego Gift

Personalised couples anniversary gift personalised wedding image 1

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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