20 Kitchen cooking hacks

Cooking/baking more often is one of my new year resolutions. Ever since I was a little kid I have always loved making food and browsing through the cookbook with all the delicious looking treats. 🙂

Since this year and for many years to come I will be spending more time in the kitchen and less time on my phone, I wanted to share some of my favorite kitchen cooking hacks which I’ve picked up along the way to make my baking/cooking time more enjoyable.

  1. Add salt to boiling water with your pasta to prevent it from sticking together.

2. Wet your fingers to remove eggshells – the water acts as a magnet.

3. Limp celery- Make it crisp again by putting it in a pot of ice water for a few minutes.

4. Cook bacon crispy by crimping aluminum foil to raise your bacon off the sheet ensuring an all-around even cook.

5. Use an egg slicer to cut more than just eggs – Strawberries, mushrooms…..

6. If your toast becomes too burned for your liking, don’t throw it away! Simply scrape the burned bits off with a sharp knife. This trick also works great for cookies.

7. If a recipe calls for softened butter or for you to add a stick into your cookie dough, grate the butter for an easier time mixing with the dough and not having to wait for it to soften.

8. Use a vegetable peeler for easy no-hassle cheese shavings.

9. Peel, core, and slice your apples the easy way with this great tool!

10. Measure sticky ingredients like honey and peanut butter without getting stuck. Spray your measuring device with non-stick spray and now you don’t need to worry about them sticking.

11. Avoid freezer burn on your ice cream by trimming down the sides of the container as you’re eating to keep your ice cream burn free.

12. Make the perfect egg and avoid it from spreading in the pan with these helpful cooking rings.

13. Keep your fridge smelling fresh with a deodorizer.

14. Avoid the gross food spilling on your fridge shelves by using these fridge mats. They also add a pop of fashion and color to your fridge.

15. 2 ingredient ice cream- Freeze a banana, add to a blender/food processor, add some almond milk (amount depending on your preferred consistency) and blend. There you go, easy healthy ice cream!

16. Fill icing bags with pancake batter to make those perfectly round disks.

17. Kitchen math done easy with this guide.

18. Keep diced or shredded potatoes white by covering them in cold water before cooking to prevent them from turning that gross grayish/brown color caused by the release of starch.

19. Store tomatoes stem town to keep them from rotting as quickly as they would if they were right side up.

20. Make your hard-boiled egg shells fall right off by steaming up to a dozen in a steamer basket suspended over boiling water for 15-16 minutes and the shells will slip right off.

Thanks for stopping by my blog today and reading my post. I hope you enjoyed it. 🙂

Have a wonderful weekend!

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