Dollar Store Fall Decor DIY IDEAS

September 10, 2017

It’sFall!My favorite time of year along withWinter.Today I am posting 12 dollar store DIY Fall decorations that you’ll fall in-love with 🙂 These decorations are easy to make and won’t put a big dent in your wallet.

I hate spending money but I love to shop and decorate, see the problem. So, I am constantly at the dollar store or Christmas tree buying cheap decorations, don’t worry they look awesome, to decorate my house with. But today instead of telling you great stores to shop at (Christmas Tree Shops) where you can pick up cute and festive decor I thought I would show you how to make them. Below find 12 DIY Fall decoration ideas that are super cute and will not cost a lot to make.

Also, since fall is coming soon and Halloween too if you have any thing you would like me to post about leave a comment down below and I’ll look into it. 🙂 Also, I will be posting some more decor ideas soon so make sure you follow me so you don’t miss them!

Decorate for fall on a budget with these creative dollar store fall DIY ideas. You can get a majority of the supplies from the Dollar Tree, but you will probably need some basic crafting materials like glue gun, paint, paint brushes, etc. (see below for supplies and then how to make the decorations below that)

You Can Get These Items at Dollar Tree (everything is $1)

  • pumpkins (foam, plastic,ceramic)
  • burlap
  • fall ribbons
  • twine
  • candles (pillar, tea light, votive and LED battery operated candles)
  • glass candle holders
  • glass vases
  • acorn packs
  • fall leaves
  • garlands
  • mason jars
  • fall floral’s
  • wreaths (wire, foam,straw,and grapevine)

Crafting Supplies you may need (I got these from Michael’s)

  • Mod Podge
  • acrylic paint
  • spray paint
  • paint brushes
  • hot glue gun with glue sticks
  • stencils
  • tape
  • scissors
  • craft knife
  • Fabric Tape

DIY Decor Ideas

Spray painted Pumpkin Centerpieces – $1 pumpkin pails + gold spray paint + fake plant

Directions: Protect a well ventilated area with paper or some type of cover. Spray pumpkins, and garland with desired spray paint color (I used gold and orange). (The biggest tip with spray paint is to make sure you’re not spraying too close to the object, and take your time to do a few thinner coats of paint letting each dry in between. This will avoid runny paint.) After the paint is dry, have fun arranging and stacking pumpkins on your table. Fill the larger candy pails with plants or flowers if desired. (The plants I used are inexpensive greenery found at IKEA). 
DIY Fabric Tape Pumpkins – fabric tape + $1 plastic pumpkin + scissors

Directions: Cut your Fabric tape into strips and then start placing the strips on the pumpkin. I like to start in one area and make my way around. You could also try washi tape.


Give Thanks Pumpkin Mantel – $1 pumpkins + white spray paint ( $1 at Walmart) + Vinyl letter (or stencils with acrylic paint) Directions: Start out with your pumpkins (the sizes you want and arrange them how you want). Take out your stencils that spell out “thanks” or “give thanks” or “Fall” or whatever you want to say and place them on the pumpkins. (I used double sided tape to get them to stick on the pumpkins). Then spray paint away, I avoided the stems just so I could paint them black. Let dry and your done! 


Burlap Pumpkin– Burlap pumpkin (Dollar Tree) + Twine (dollar tree)

Directions: For the swirly tendrils effect you coat those strands of twine with Mod Podge and warp them around a pencil. Allow it to set for about 10 minutes and then remove from pencil.


Copper Pumpkins Fall Centerpiece– $1 plastic pumpkin pails + fake flowers (dollar tree) + copper spray paint + rice

Directions: Remove the handles from the pails and spray paint two light coats of copper spray paint (or the color of your choosing!) Wait to dry…… then, trim the flower stems so that they stand a little taller than the pumpkins. Fill the pumpkins with rice or beans to weight it down and to hold the flowers stems in place. Place 3-4 stems in each pumpkin. Hide the Jack – O- lantern faces by turning the pumpkins in towards each other. (At least until Halloween comes around!) They also look great side by side or on the counter. 

Gourd Candles– decorative gourds (not real!)(0.50 each)  + Tealight Candles (dollar tree)

Directions: Place your preferred candle size on top of the gourds and draw around the base of the candle. Then take a knife (with parents help if needed) and cut on the line. Your candle should fit in the hole, if not then trim needed parts till it does. I used real candles but you can use fake ones. 


Acorn Mason Jar Candle Holder –Mason Jar with handle + White Tealight Candle + Acorn Pack – you can get all the supplies at Dollar Tree.

Directions: Place your candle in the mason jar and then fill the space around it with acorns .


Popcorn Kernel Filled Candle holder– Popcorn Kernels + 6″ cylinder vase + small white pillar candle + something to tie around the candle to make a bow (I used Raffia) – you can get all the supplies at dollar tree

Directions: Place candle in vase, fill space around it with kernels, wrap Raffia around vase twice and then tie a bow. Your done! 


Cinnamon Stick Candle– Cinnamon sticks ($1.50 at Walmart) + twine (dollar tree) + vanilla pillar candle (dollar tree)

Directions: Glue cinnamon sticks to the side of the candle and position them how you want them to look. (don’t use hot glue!) Then take twine and warp in twice around the cinnamon sticks that are dried to the sides of the candle. Tie in a bow and your done!


Maple Candle Jar – Mason jar (Walmart) + Maple Leaves pack (dollar tree) + twine (optional – tie around the neck of the jar).

Directions: Adhering the leaves to the jar is easier done with Mod Podge, but a glue gun will work just fine. Wrap twine around the jar if desired.


Fall Candle Wreath– glass pillar candle holder + grapevine wreath + maple leaves + natural raffia + pillar candle (I used an orange colored one)

Directions : First, wrap your pillar candle in the raffia or twine (if desired) then place in your glass pillar candle holder. Position the maple leaves on the wreath however you like and then glue them down if desired (I used my hot glue gun). Then place your glass pillar candle holder with you pillar candle, in the center of the wreath. You done! (picture below)


Mason Jar Fall Luminary – mason jar + maple leaf + orange paint + twine + tea light candle. (you can get the jar, twine and candles and maple leaf at the dollar store)

Directions: Take Maple leaf and tape it onto the jar (I  used double sided tape) then take your orange paint and paint the whole jar. Once dry remove leaf and take twine, wrap it twice around the neck of the jar and then tie into a bow. Your done! (Picture below)


I hope enjoyed the easy DIY fall Decor ideas. I will be posting a part 2 of this video so make sure you follow me so you don’t miss it. Have a great day!

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